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What we do


Invest in properties needing a breath of fresh air. Giving new life for the next generation of owners.


Invest in land or businesses where there is an opportunity to create a win win for our community.


Invest and lease properties providing a safe, healthy, and comfortable space for tenants.


Sound financial investments (emphasis in real estate) lead to supporting the needs of people. With each project SHAREIT will give back, enabling a quality of life all humans deserve in one of the following areas: food/water sources,​ shelter, education, and veterans both locally and globally. 

Food Source


SHAREIT breathes life into sound financial investments in NW Wisconsin.


"SHARE+IT" means what it says in two ways. (1) Life isn't about taking but about giving. Using our God given gifts we will share a portion of all profits by investing in the needs of people both locally and globally. (2) "SHAREIT" encompasses our passion and commitment of growing Real Estate Investments our stakeholders can Trust (REIT) with purpose beyond profits. 


(John Jacobs, Partner) Finance and Business Development

(Will Janssen, Partner) Construction Management and Drafting

Janssen Family
Janssen Family
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Jacobs Family
Jacobs Family
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